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Smilies can be added to a post by clicking on the icons.

Text color can be change by clicking on appropriate color and by putting the text in between the tags [color] put your text here [/color] (For example [blue] this text here will be blue [/blue])

A link can be added into a post in several ways. If you wish to add a clickable text link like "http://www.whatever.com" use this code [url]http://www.whatever.com[/url].

If you wish to put a link behind a text use this code [url=http://www.whatever.com]click here[/url]

Also an email link can be added. For email links use [email]myemail@myserver.com[/email]

To add a picture to a post use [img]http://www.images.com/mypicture.jpg[/img]

Another feauture is an offtopic comment. For this use [offtopic] offtopic comment [/offtopic].

If it's still confusing, look at the following example:

:)      :(      ;)      :P      :o      :D      (C)      (M)      (R)      (E)     
(E)      (E)      (E)      (E)      (E)      (E)      (E)      (E)      (E)
If you submit the post above, this is how it will look like in the forum:
Author: Demo Topic: Demo


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bold text italic text small text Offtopic: offtopic comment
centered text

quoted text

moving text

blue text red text purple text green text yellow text white text


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